Get Involved

If you have a publication or other resource which you would like to share with others on this website, please submit your publication and we'll add it to our publically available library.

Become a Volunteer Translator

Our goal is to expand knowledge. If you see a resource which would be helpful in another language, and you have the necessary multi-lingual skills, please contact us.

Request a Speaker or Film Showing

All of our films are available for free on our YouTube Channel. However, sometimes it’s helpful to have a Q&A session after seeing the film where the audience will be able to ask questions, get more information on available resources, learning opportunities and technical assistance.We are happy to come to show a film, or just to talk about Condominial Sewerage. 


Speaking fees: $350 + travel expenses. 

The Appropriate Sanitation Institute can use help in collecting, organizing and translating material. We will probably also have space for a filmmaking intern from time to time as well.


If you are interested in doing an Internship in the field with Condominial practitioners in Brazil or elsewhere, drop us a line and we will do our best to get you connected.

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